The Portrait of Everything
Barbara is a Romanian artist, with origins in Transylvania. Born in a family of artists, her playground is figurative painting and her inspiration combines old masters with music and poetry, perfume and literature, feelings and emotions. She finds and minutely restores vintage frameworks she matches with her modern day characters. Lately, Barbara treasures her freedom to experiment, to paint whatever inspires her.
Barbara is meticulous in her study of subtle shades and shadows, of the lightest of touches and translucent colours. Her current technique, based exclusively on oil paints, echoes the old tradition of the Dutch masters, with multiple layers and varnishes, some of her paintings taking up to 4 months to complete.
Contemporary as it is, her work is timeless, her characters are ageless, her paintings find their place in a modern loft as easily and effortlessly as in a grand old mansion.

Barbara's work is collected internationally.
Romanian, b.1974
“Romulus Ladea” Art High School, Cluj
 BA  University of Art and Design” Cluj
 Member of Romanian Artists Union since 1999
Personal Shows
1997 Burg Rode, Herzogenrath, Germany
1998 Aachen, Germany
1999 The Old Gallery, Cluj, Romania
1999  Painting House, Cluj, Romania
2000 Terzoatto, Cluj, Romania
2001 German Cultural Institute, Cluj, Romania
2003 National Museum of Art, Cluj, Romania
2005 Vevey, Switzerland
2005 Venice, Italy
2006 Allianz Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2007 Venice, Italy
2009 Arhipelag Gallery , Cluj, Romania
2010 Rome, Italy
2010 Bucharest, Romania
2014 Bucharest, Romania
2016 Cluj, Romania
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